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Saving Money on Pet Care

Pet Care & The Cost of Living Crisis
Ok, so we all love our pets, that’s a given. We all make a huge emotional investment the day we bring a pet into our lives – but we also make a huge financial commitment, and it is getting bigger with each passing week. Therefore as costs continue to rise and we tighten our belts, we’ve come up with a few tips on how to save money when caring for your pet, prevent future expenses and minimize the impact of unexpected costs.

Pet Food
Your pet’s diet is important, indeed some would say the most important area of pet care, and is where we really see and feel the effects of rising costs. Mindful that pet nutrition can make a huge difference to the overall health of your pet, you should opt for a balanced and nutritionally complete pet food that incorporates a broad range of vitamins and minerals.

A good quality pet food will provide all the nutrition your pet needs to strengthen their immune system, keep their coat sleek and shiny, their digestive system in good health, and prevent health issues. There are plenty of good quality, inexpensive pet food brands on the market, however you will need to do your research as to which ingredients are best suited to your pet’s breed, size and stage of life. Avoid recipes which use unnecessary and even unhealthy fillers. Research manufacturers and learn how to read labels so you can find the best affordable option for you and your pet without compromising on quality.

Also, plan ahead and shop around for bigger bags at discounted prices (if you have the storage). Running out of pet food and paying over the odds for a tiny bag of kibble or a few tins in your local convenience store, can be a very costly short-term fix. So, if you can, buy in bulk whenever you find a deal.

You may also wish to consider short dated stock, past BBE date and end of line clearances. Here at The Pet Food Market we offer a selection of various pet food brands, with heavy discounts. Check out our social media or call to our store or one of our market locations for some really fantastic deals on quality clearance lines. You’ll really notice the difference in your pocket, especially important if you have more than one pet!

It is also important to remember “Best Before” and “Use By” are not the same thing!. Even though a product may be close to its best before date, the nutrients and vitamins will most likely remain intact if stored properly, whereas caution should be exercised when it comes to Use by dates.

Invest in Preventive Care
No one likes visiting the vets with their pet, but keeping up with routine check-ups can help dodge bigger medical issues and expenses in the future. Also good oral hygiene can help reduce the likelihood of dental problems later on. A few little Denta Stix now may help avoid costly trips to your Doggie Dentist in the future. So if you can, learn the signs of when all is not well with your pet – and act promptly.

It may be an idea to consider Pet Insurance to help offset the cost of unexpected treatments for injuries or illnesses that can occur. You can choose the level of cover that suits your lifestyle, risk tolerance and budget. Pet Insurance can be a bit of a minefield though and you should take time to compare quotes thoroughly and consider your pet’s situation so that you pick the best one for you.

Other tips
Toys and accessories are a great way to keep your pet active and busy, but are you spending too much on them? Check out your local Car Boot Sale, Charity Shop or Facebook Marketplace and save money!. Whether its toys or sleeping supplies, crates or scratching posts, your pet won’t mind if its pre-loved. Ultimately its not pricey toys, gourmet treats and fancy pet clothes that your pet wants – it’s you!!

Regular brushing of your dog can extend time between visits to the groomers, its also good for bonding and provides the opportunity for you to check for any skin conditions or lumps. You may even like to try your hand at a little trimming!

Final Word
Taking care of pets is expensive but it doesn’t have to be a bottomless money pit. With a little bit of research and planning you could cut down on some of the costs of pet ownership. Remember that a happy pet will be a healthy pet so spending quality time interacting with your pet is one of the best ways to maintain their health. In fact it could even improve your health too, being a pet owner is fun and rewarding and research concludes that pets help to reduce stress, anxiety and lonliness.