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Why Cats Make Great Pets

Why Cats Make Great Pets
They’re fluffy, affectionate and playful, what’s not to love? A cat has the ability to both calm andmrelax you and provide an immediate outlet for fun and play. Although cats are independent animals who like to hunt and prey, they are also very affectionate with their owners and people they trust. As pets go, cats are relatively low maintenance; they don’t need walked nor do they need loads of space. They are independent, there for when you need them but also perfectly adept at entertaining themselves. As long as you provide cat food, water and a litter box, cats are happy to take care of themselves. They are not only inexpensive to adopt but are also less expensive to maintain But did you know that science has revealed that there are actual medical benefits of owning a cat – owning a cat is exceptionally good for your overall health, both mental and physical.

The Health Benefits of Cats
Whilst owning any pet is good for your health, cats in particular lower your stress levels (possibly since they don’t require as much effort as dogs) and lower the amount of anxiety in your life. Petting a cat has a positive calming effect. The sound of a cat purring is very comforting and while it means that your cat is happy and comfortable, studies have shown that the sound is associated with a therapeutic healing ability on human bones and muscle. Studies have also shown that you will sleep better with your cat by your side (especially one that cuddles and purrs!) Having a cat in the home means fewer allergies for you and your kids. In 2002, the National Institutes of Health released a study that showed that kids who were exposed to cats regularly when they were under a year old were less likely to suffer from all kinds of allergies. Not everyone can have a cat and these days you don’t even need to own a cat to have fun. Cat videos online are one of the most popular digital activities. Studies have shown that watching cat videos gives people an instant mood and energy boost and decreased negative feelings. According to some studies simply watching cat videos online can boost energy and create positive emotions!

Cats are Fun
Cats are highly intelligent and need both mental and physical stimulation. As well as helping you bond, playtime will help to keep you cat fitter and more flexible. Your cat needs to be able to hunt, stalk and act out his or her natural instinctive behaviors. Directing their attention on to toys is not only fun….it prevents them from wrecking your house! Cats naturally spend up to 16 hours a day sleeping and provided you put in the time to play and interact with your cat during some of the waking hours, they’ll be very content!

Looking after your Cats
To keep your cat happy and healthy, you will need to:

  • Provide a well balanced diet – Feed your cat a nutritionally complete cat food and ensure they have access to a constant supply of fresh water
  • Provide a clean and comfortable bed
  • Provide it with a safe and stimulating environment
  • Groom it regularly
  • Have it neutered between 4 and 6 months old
  • Keep up to date with vaccinations, worming and treatment for fleas
  • Provide a Scratch Pole – Investing in a scratch pole will not only provide your cat with the scratching outlet they need, but will also save you lots of money and frustration.

Are You a Cat Person?
With all those health benefits, its no wonder that cat owners live longer than those who don’t have feline friends in their lives. That just means you have plenty of time to enjoy all the benefits of being a cat lover. Arguably the most important benefit of cat ownership is companionship. With your cat you are are never alone. They offer quiet support as they sit by your side, a welcoming greeting meow as you come home and an enthusiastic rub against you as you feed them. Enjoy your cat!

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