Portrait of dog in disguise for Halloween

Keeping Your Pets Safe at Halloween

Halloween is a great time of the year and seems to be getting bigger every year. It can however be a scary time for our pets. With unannounced knocks at the door, scary costumes and loud noises from the street, Halloweeen can be confusing and frightening!. So, a little precaution is needed to safely celebrate and keep your pet happy at Halloween.

Keep Pets Indoors After Dark

It is important that pets have a secure place to hide indoors if they are frightened by the noises of fireworks or trick-or-treaters calling to the door. Leaving the lights low and putting on the television or radio may help drown out some of the scary sounds for them. Give them their favourite toys to keep them calm and occupied.

If you’re taking them outside or for a walk make sure you do it before the ghosts and ghouls come out!

Costumes and Decorations

As cute as they are, costumes are not for every pet and may cause undue stress. If you do put a costume on your pet, make sure it fits properly and never leave them alone while they are wearing it. Keep it comfortable to avoid overheating, chewing on loose pieces, or getting tangled.

Also if you’re getting dressed up in a scary costume can be confusing and frightening for pets (and kids!). Let your pet know its you behind the scary costume

Stick to pet friendly decorations and never leave candles unattended. Watch out for chewing and choking hazards and keep them away from fireworks.

Keep the Treats Safely Tucked Away

Chocolate and other treats can be very toxic to your pet, so keep them safely stored and away from them. You could get a few pet treats just for your furry friend so they don’t feel left out as the family enjoys the trick-or-treat treasures.

Be on Your Guard

Halloween can be confusing and frightening for our pets and its our job to protect them. Even the best behaved pets can become anxious or overwhelmed. With all the excitement and continuous opening of the front door, some pets may get spooked and dart out, so you need to be aware and on your guard.

So with a few sensible precautions in place, there is no reason why you and your furry family can’t relax and enjoy a safe and fun Halloween this year!