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Peckish Secret Garden Nyger Seed Bird Feeder


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The Peckish Secret Garden Nyger Seed Feeder is perfect for attracting the smaller bird species such as finches into your garden. The top and bottom of the bird feeder are constructed from hard wearing metal and it has a tough polycarbonate tube with in-built feeding ports. The Nyger Seed Bird Feeder has a circular perch and tray allowing multiple birds to feed.

Key Features of Peckish Nyger Seed Bird Feeder:

  • Easy to remove lid makes refilling and cleaning the bird feeder easier
  • Decorative leaf design with an antique style finish
  • Slim ports to prevent loss of seeds and to aid cleaning
  • Holds 400g of Nyger Seed
  • Easily hangs in trees, hooks and on bird feeding stations
  • Height: 25cm

Feeding Guide

  • Locate bird feeders at least two metres away from cover, to make the feeder visible, whilst providing a safe place to retreat
  • Place bird feed out in the morning to ensure that birds can replace the energy they have lost overnight
  • Always ensure that clean, fresh water is available for drinking and bathing.
  • It is best to have multiple bird feeding stations in the garden to prevent overcrowding
  • Clean bird feeders, bird tables and drinking areas regularly with mild disinfectant
  • Once you have started to feed the birds it is important to continue this, and develop a routine, as the birds will become reliant upon your help
  • Keep bird food fresh and dry, removing any wet food to prevent the spread of bacteria and diseases.