Gardman Squirrel Proof Peanut Bird Feeder


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The Gardman Squirrel Proof Peanut Feeder is designed to keep out squirrels and larger birds, so the smaller birds can reach the food. It has a plastic coated wire cage and is very easy to fill and clean.

The squirrel proof bird feeder includes a durable bite-proof removable steel lid and a large hinged metal handle for hanging the bird feeder.

Key Features of Gardman Squirrel Proof Peanut Bird Feeder:

  • Easy to fill and clean
  • Durable, stylish and practical bird feeder
  • Holds 425g peanuts
  • Easily hangs in trees, hooks and on bird feeding stations
  • Height: 26cm

Feeding Guide

  • Locate bird feeders at least two metres away from cover, to make the feeder visible, whilst providing a safe place to retreat
  • Place bird feed out in the morning to ensure that birds can replace the energy they have lost overnight
  • Always ensure that clean, fresh water is available for drinking and bathing.
  • It is best to have multiple bird feeding stations in the garden to prevent overcrowding
  • Clean bird feeders, bird tables and drinking areas regularly with mild disinfectant
  • Once you have started to feed the birds it is important to continue this, and develop a routine, as the birds will become reliant upon your help.
  • Keep bird food fresh and dry, removing any wet food to prevent the spread of bacteria and diseases