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What’s Cool for Cats?

What is it about cats that sets them apart? They’re not like dogs; they are aloof, they’re graceful, they’re downright cool. Cats can give you that “are you serious man?” look when you try and introduce something into their diet that they aren’t sure about, whilst all the time the dog is busy trying to get his head into the dishwasher to lick the plates clean.
Such undignified behaviour is just not for cats. So what then to feed your fussy feline and avoid that withering look only an unimpressed cat can give you. Get it right and you can look forward to contented purring as they slink in and out across your ankles, get it wrong and they’ll likely be working their charm on your next door neighbour within a day or two.

Types of Cat Food
Whilst the array of different brands of cat food is eye watering, in our home it basically comes down to two choices – Wet or Dry. As most commercial brands are nutritionally complete your cat should be getting all that it needs whichever you plump for.
Now if your house is anything like ours one of the biggest factors when it comes to feeding Kitty is Convenience. That’s why our kids love wet Cat food in 100g pouches. They can grab a pouch, make that funny pish-wish-wish-wish noise until the cat comes, and then simply rip of the top and slide out a handy serving of food. They’re easy for the kids to handle, without the fear of a sliced finger on a tin lid, and the cat has a tasty nutritious meal – everyone’s a winner.
When it’s more than one cat your feeding (our farm cats being a prime example) tinned cat food is a great option. One tin can feed multiple cats at a time. Just make sure to serve it out into a couple of bowls as there can be a bit of bullying and well, cattiness, I suppose !.

Which Cat Food is Best for My Cat?
Of course many of us prefer to feed dry Cat food and the debate rages as to which is the best. Dry cat food tends to be the most cost effective option and stays fresher for longer. It allows your cat to nibble and graze over a longer period of time and can have teeth cleaning benefits also. But use common sense when it comes to feeding , obviously an older cat with poor teeth or very young kittens will be able to manage wet food much more easily.
The choice of serving wet or dry cat food, or a mixture of the two, is really a matter of personal preference between you and your cat. We all like, and need a bit of variety in our life so why should our cats be any different? As with most things, finding the correct balance is the secret. That balance can be dictated by your cats preferences, your preferences and importantly your budget!!. The reasons for your choices may be complex or they may be very banal, an example being that many of our customers prefer jelly based wet cat food simply because its easier to get out of the pouch or tin than its gravy counterpart – and so long as the food is of a suitable quality this is a totally valid reason. Let’s be honest, no one likes that the feel of cat food across the back of their fingers as they try to squeeze the last out of a pouch!.

A Happy Cat makes a Happy Home!
Whatever you decide on it is important to always ensure your cat has access to fresh drinking water. Wet cat food contains a high percentage of moisture but it’s still advisable to have a shallow dish filled with water near by.
Both wet and dry cat foods have their benefits so don’t be afraid to play around with them until you find the blend that has them purring contentedly as they empty their bowl.