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Whimzees Variety Box Dog Chew for Small Dogs 48 Pack 720g


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Whimzees are a healthy, all-natural doggie dental chew, made with only six primary ingredients, no artificial ingredients, colours, flavours, preservatives, GMOs, gluten, or meat. They’re also high in fibre and low in calories and sugars.

Whimzees come in a variety of fun, hardworking shapes and characters that dogs love. They are great for overall dental health with their unique shapes that ensure proper blood flow through the gums and prevent the build-up of tartar and bad breath.

Key Features of Whimzees Dog Treats Variety Box:

  • High quality natural ingredients
  • Free from any artificial ingredients and GMOs
  • Vegetarian and gluten free
  • High in fibre and low in calories and sugars
  • Removes plaque and tartar
  • Reduces the bacteria that causes bad breath
  • Unique, fun and exciting dog treats
  • Tasty dog treats your pet will love
  • Variety packs are ideal for giving your dog a selection of dog treats

Small box contains 16 sticks, 16 toothbrushes and 16 alligators.

Nutrition & Analysis

Potato starch, glycerine, powdered cellulose, lecithin, yeast, malt extract, lupine, annatto extract colour, alfalfa extract.

Feeding Guide

We recommend one properly sized treat per day.
Dog treats are not suitable for dogs under the age of 9 months.

As with any edible product, monitor your dog to ensure that dog treats are adequately chewed. Swallowing any item without thoroughly chewing it may be harmful or even fatal to a dog.